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Company, Council and Committees


The College is owned by the Members of Trinity Catholic College Lismore Limited. There are six members in all – two representing the Cathedral Parish of Saint Carthage’s, two representing the Lismore Congregation of the Presentation Sisters and two representing the Sydney Province of the Marist Brothers.

The current members are:


  • Sister Mary Cannane PBVM
  • Sister Mary McFadden PBVM
  • Brother Michael Green FMS
  • Brother Julian Casey FMS
  • Mr Dirk Botha
  • A second Member Representing the Parish of St Carthage’s is currently vacant

College Council

Northern Rivers Social Development Council North Coast NSW StandBy Response Service.

Currently the Council is composed of 10 Directors:

Brother Neville Andrew Burgess

Br Neville Solomon fms Chair

Mr Andrew Burgess

Karen Davispsd Tanya Jones

Ms Karen Davis

Mrs Tanya Jones

Suzette Pearce Jack Sheridan

Mrs Suzette Pearce

Mr Jack Sheridan

Chris Toohey David Hunter

Mr Chris Toohey

Mr David Hunter

John Wade Father James
Mr John Wade Fr James Foster

Principal, Br John Hilet fms

Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary


The College Council has established a number of Committees to assist it with various aspects of College Governance. These are:

Administration Committee

Brother Neville Solomon fms (Chair)
Brother John Hilet fms
Mrs Suzette Pearce

Employment Relations Committee

Mr Dirk Botha
Brother John Hilet fms (Chair)
Brother Neville Solomon fms

Finance Committee


Brother John Hilet fms
Mr Darren Beardow
Br Julian Casey fms
Mr Chris Toohey (Chair)
Mr John Wade

Master Planning Committee


Brother John Hilet fms (Chair)
Mr Andrew Burgess
Mr Damien Chapelle
Mr Mark Glendenning
Mr Greg Kervin
Mr Andrew Young