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Pastoral Care

Trinity Catholic College, as an educational institution, is dedicated to the holistic development of the full potential of each student in its care – that means physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. The College hopes to see each student reach their full potential.Parents who choose to send their children to Trinity Catholic College realise that this College is a special type of school built on co-operation, friendliness and integrity, where all concerned (students, staff and parents) take an active part in the College and work together to provide the best possible education.

The Assistant Principals (Senior and Middle Schools) are the people responsible for all Student Pastoral Care at the College.


At Trinity the rights of all people are respected and the dignity of each human being is promoted.

We believe that:

  • the development of the whole person, with Jesus as model, is an essential aim of Catholic education;
  • an environment which is based upon quality relationships and which supports the growth of the individual within a community, is fundamental to effective learning and genuine pastoral care;
  • the College’s ministry ideally assists parents in the care of their children;
  • it is the responsibility of all members of the College community to collaborate in the provision of a caring environment within the College: students, staff and parents;
  • the provision of both relevant and satisfying learning experiences and appropriate adult role models is essential for individual student growth;
  • the development of self?discipline is based on self?esteem, justice, affirmation, and reconciliation;
  • structures, policies, procedures and practices in a Catholic College should be in harmony with Gospel values;
  • that accountability for behaviour is encouraged at all times.


The College Pastoral Care structure is based on a House system that consists of ten Houses, led by a Head of House. Within each House, Tutors care for a group of students – from Years 7 to 12 and families generally belong to the same House.

Students meet with their Tutor each day for fifteen minutes and while some administrative duties are completed during this time, an emphasis is placed on building a relationship with each student and fostering a strong spirit within the Tutor group.

As well, time is provided regularly for extended House Meetings and activities including Liturgies, social activities and Tutor Meetings. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the House Councils which are led by the House Captains.

College Captains

Frewoini Baume Charlie Burton


Ministry Captains

Claire Lawrence Tory Puglisi


“Others Before Self”

 Samantha Lucas Sam Hemsley-Hacket


“Together we Strive” Zoe Hughes Kienan Wilkinson


 “Strong Minds, Gentle Hearts” Abbi McInnes Jacobus Barnard


 “Dare to Aspire”  Halle Clarke Michael Murray


 “With Heart, Soul And All Our Strength” Narika Snape Mitchell Beardow


 “Together We Will Triumph” Taquira McGrath Max Murray-Prior


 “Courage Conquers All” Rachael Barlow Harrison Ashby


 “Live The Spirit” Darcie Eckersley Blair Alexander-Gordon


 “Let Your Light Shine” Zoe Wood Nicholas Ledwith


 “Strength In Unity” Ella Rojo Luke Graham