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Aquatic Centre Background

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Q1. To complete in Carnivals does my Child have to join the Swimming Club to be coached?

Every swimmer that competes within the club programme must join Swimming New South Wales and our affiliated District which is Far North Coast.  They will then be insured and can compete at carnivals.  This fee is currently $84.00 inclusive, which is renewed on 1st October, each year.

Q2. What is the Squad Fee Structure of the Swimming Club?

Family: Price:
NSW Swimming Membership Fee – Competitive $84.00
1st Child $84.00
2nd Child $75.00
3rd & More $70.00
Competitive: Price:
Monthly $115.00
10 Session Card $75.00
Per Swim $11.00
Non Competitive Price:
10 Session Card $84.00
Per Swim $11.00


  1. Competitive Swimmers MUST be registered with NSW Swimming.
  2. Non Competitive Session Card includes prorate club membership fee.
  •  If a person is not a member of the swimming club, but wishes to attend and complete a session to see if they like it then the fee is $11.00.  One visit only allowed, then they must join.  If they like the session, they can then continue to train with the Club, for fitness, fun or competition.  If they intend to compete in Carnivals/Competitions they must join NSW Swimming.
  •  If your child does not hold a current Visitors Pass Card or Monthly Membership and is unable to pay a casual visit of $11.00 on the day they wish to train, then they will be allowed one training session only.  Their name will be recorded by Administration and they will sign an IOU Voucher for a Casual Visit.  This IOU must be paid and either a Visitor Pass, Monthly Membership or Casual Visit purchased prior to their next training session.  Failure to do so will result in your child being refused admission to the pool.

Q3. What are the training times for the different squads?

Squad Type: Time: Days:
Mini Squad 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Junior Development Squad 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Intermediate Senior Squad 3.45 pm to 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday)
Senior Squad 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm (Monday to Friday)

Note 1:   Morning sessions are available for Intermediate Senior Squad and Senior Squad only, which run during the competitive season.

Note 2:  Some swimmers, as they improve, will be asked by their relevant coach to stay back and train within a higher squad.  This extra training can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour, at no additional cost.  This extra training benefits the swimmer and is an introduction process prior to promoting the swimmer permanently into a higher squad.

Q4.        What is the recommended training schedule for my child?

All families are busier these days, but it is really a case of the more one does, the better one becomes. It also is relevant to what the individual wishes to achieve from his/her swimming.  If one is only doing swimming for fitness then their attendance is a personal thing.  If one wants to compete and perform to their capabilities then below is a guide:

  • Mini Squad – One to two sessions per week.
  • Junior Development Squad – Two to Three times per week.
  • Intermediate Senior Squad – Four to Six times per week.
  • Senior Squad – 6 to 10 sessions per week.

Note:     Enquiries regarding the number of sessions a swimmer should train must be directed to the Head Coach.

Note:     Morning sessions are available for Intermediate Senior Squad and Advanced Squad only, which run during the competitive season.

Q5.      Does Trinity Lismore Swimming Club train during School Holidays?

Yes, with the exception of Public Holidays.

Q6.      Can I interrupt training to talk to my child or their coach?

Unless it is an emergency it would be greatly appreciated if you could refrain from interrupting the session and talking to your child.  Coaches should not be approached during Training.   However, if you wish to talk to one of the coaches please do so prior or at the end of the session or refer your enquiry to the Pool Supervisor who may be in a position to contact Head Coach at an appropriate time on your behalf.  If this is not possible then organise a time which is suitable to both parties.

Note:     Swimmers only are allowed behind the blocks during coaching periods.

Q7.        What equipment should my child have for swimming training for Mini Squad, Junior Development, Intermediate Senior Squad and Advanced Squad?

It is compulsory for all Members to have the following items.

  • Flippers that fit
  • Swim Cap in good condition (Note: Trinity Swimming Cap required for Carnival Participation)
  • Goggles in good condition
  • Kickboard and Pull Buoy

All these items are available at Blades Café.  All these items must be in good condition as when they do not fit or break, it not only interrupts your child’s session but that of their team mates.

Q8.        Can my child leave her/his swimming bag at the Pool?


All swimmers can leave their bags at the Aquatic Centre in the Bag Room which is locked.   However all swimmer apparel and gear must be appropriately labelled and contained in a proper mesh swim bag, and all bags must be hung on a hook.  If bags are thrown onto the floor they will be removed from the room. Swimmers must also take care in packing their own swim gear away and not take or use another swimmers gear.

Q9.        What happens to lost property?

Lost property will be held at the Aquatic Centre for a period of one week, after which it will be transferred to the College Office on St Joseph Site.  After one month, unclaimed lost property is donated to St Vincent de Paul.

Q10.      Does Trinity Lismore Swimming Club run Club Nights?


Club nights begin in August and, at this stage, will be held on a Friday nights.

Club night is open to all swimmers and is fun based.  A sausage sizzle barbeque will follow each club night.  For enquiries please contact Ingrid Jensen and Melinda Cooper.

Q11.      How does my child enter a Swimming Carnival?

All information relevant to the Club and Swimming Carnivals which are current are displayed on the notice board located at the shallow end of the pool.  The entry forms are available also on this board.  If you are unsure on what to do consult with one of the coaches, prior to or after training, or with Mrs Ingrid Jensen – Race Secretary.

Q12.      If I enter my child into a swimming Carnival does it matter when I enter them and do I have to pay?

All carnivals have a closing date for entries which is highlighted on the programme.

No entries will be taken after this date.  All entries are to be placed into the locked wooden box located in the bag room.  All entries must be fully completed, including:

  • Full name of entrant
  • Age
  • Personal Best time and where swum, if relevant.
  • Event Number relevant to race entered.
  • Carnival in which you are entering.
  • Total Entry Fee and Entry Form in envelope. No money = No entry.

Q13.      If I enter my child into a carnival and we do not turn up, am I entitled to a Refund?


Refunds are not given if you do not attend your nominated carnival.  If you do not feel that your child is going to attend through sickness etc, it is a courtesy to let coaches know prior to the day of the carnival to allow relay teams to be altered and so other swimmers are not inconvenienced.

Q14.      If I enter my child into a carnival is it compulsory that a parent attend?

If your child is under the age of 16 years then it is compulsory for a parent/carer to attend.  At Carnivals, your child is not the responsibility of coaches or other parents unless otherwise organised.  Also at Carnivals parents/carers will be required to help on the day for short times with tasks such as time keeping.