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Year 7 Transition
Web_Day3- 150306-186Year 7 Transition Co-ordinator – Mrs Sharyn Gill-Andrews

The Year 7 Transition Co-ordinator acts as first point of contact with Year 7 Parents/Carers regarding transition matters.

The key function of this role is to support Year seven students and their families in making a successful and positive transition from primary to secondary education. The role is particularly significant for our many families who are experiencing high school for the first time.

A wide range of activities designed to assist our Year 7 students with their “settling-in process” include: Transition/Orientation sessions, Year 7 Community Day Excursion, Pizza Lunch, Inter-House Lunchtime Sporting Competitions and the extremely beneficial Small Groups Program.

Early Term 2 will see the completion of the “transition” for Year 7 and they will then be under the direction and care of their Heads of House (ie the first point of contact with the College will then be the Year 7’s Tutor Teacher or Head of House.”

Mrs Sharyn Gill-Andrews

Year 7 Transition Co-ordinator