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Advice for Parents and Students

“I was worried about all of the older kids and whether they would like me or not.

I found that the best thing to do was to just be myself. The older students remember what it is like to be new and they are friendly and very happy to help.”


“I was worried about getting lost in what I thought was a big school and finding my way around 2 sites.

I needn’t have worried because you are given a planner which has maps of both sites. The planner will be your most valuable tool. Most of your lessons will be on SJS. Also don’t be afraid to ask someone as everyone is very helpful.”


“What if none of my friends are in my House or my classes?

My tip is to arrange a place to meet your friends at recess and lunch (it saves time looking for each other), so you still get to see them. I found it gave me a chance to make new friends within my House and in the different classes and I also did much better in my classes because I wasn’t tempted to be distracted by my friends.”


“I was worried about making new friends and about having so many teachers.

In every class and in House meetings right from the start of the year you do heaps of “getting to know you activities”. They are heaps of fun and I made many new friends from the very first day. The teachers were also really helpful and made me feel welcome.”


“What do I do if I don’t understand something in one of my classes?

Try not to be shy and if you are confident enough ask your question in class. If you are a bit shy then you can wait until after the lesson to ask the question or you can even email the teacher with your question. The teachers are really keen to help you and they understand that everyone learns at different rates and in different ways.”


“I stressed about what to bring on the first day. I had all my new books and gear but I didn’t know what classes I’d have and my bag was too heavy.

On the first day, even though you probably want to bring all your new gear, you only need to bring pens, pencils and 1 book or pad of paper and of course your recess and lunch. If you bring everything on the first day you will have to carry a heavy bag all day! On the second day you can take all your books and stuff because by then you will have been given a timetable so you’ll know what lessons you have and you will have a locker where you can safely store and lock your gear.”


“I was nervous about not being able to fit in……..

My advice is to take things slowly. There are lots of people feeling the same way but, there are lots of activities in class and within your House to help you get to know other students. Try not to worry because you’ll meet so many new people every day and Trinity is a place where people help you to fit in and belong. It’s that sort of place!”