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Learning Enrichment Department

The role of the Learning Enrichment Department is to ensure that students with special needs learn and develop through the provision of appropriate educational services, experiences and environments.


The College employs an Indigenous Assistant to support Aboriginal and Torres Straight students in attaining the most rewarding and successful educational experience possible. Students are assisted within the classroom if necessary but they may also access homework, assignment and assessment assistance through the Learning Centre. A range of additional support options also exist including family liaison.


The College is proactive in supporting students with literacy or learning difficulties. Classes with smaller student numbers, trained and supported teachers and student access to Learning Enrichment staff ensure that students attain to the very best of their ability. There are a variety of small group programmes run by the Learning Enrichment Department as well as assignment and examination support for students. Classroom teachers are provided with resources to facilitate differentiated lesson planning and delivery and specialised staff assist in adjusting tasks and assessments as required.


Students with a disability have their individual needs assessed to ensure that quality social, emotional and academic support is available. The College has a policy of inclusion, so integration is a priority, however it is also recognised that at times small group or one-on-one programmes are necessary in order for the student to realise their potential in the secondary school context.

The Learning Enrichment Department works with Child and Family Health as well as other community support agencies in order to provide optimal support to the child and the family.

Team meetings are conducted in order to communicate relevant information, to plan educational direction and ensure a close working relationship between the home and the College.


For students who have significant difficulty engaging in the standard programme of study, the College offers the option of a Life Skills Programme. Further information on Life Skills can be obtained by contacting the Curriculum Department.