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Captains Council Mission Statement

The Trinity Catholic College Captains’ Council consists of 24 senior students, comprised of two representatives from each House, two Ministry Captains and two College Captains.

Together we strive to uphold the strong Presentation and Marist Charism of Trinity Catholic College by:

  • maintaining family spirit within the College;
  • effectively representing our Houses and the student body;
  • leading by example in ‘Word and Deed’; and
  • fostering the well-being and growth of all students.

In collaboration with the Student Representative Council, we strive to enrich the experience of students at Trinity by ministering to the needs of all members of the College Community, engaging in service within the broader community and by promoting a more environmentally sustainable College.

In Word and Deed, we pledge to work together as a team, displaying confidence and fulfilling our responsibilities as Senior Leaders of the College. We commit to provide authentic servant leadership that will make a positive difference to the life of the College.