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What to do….

If I’m late to school?

After 9.00am report to either SJS or SMS Office with a note for being late & have your planner stamped.

If I’m absent from school?

Have your parent/carer contact the College on 02 6627 6696 the day of the absence OR alternatively complete the appropriate section of planner & have it signed and dated by your parent/carer and hand it to your Tutor on first day back.

If I need to leave school for an appointment?

Complete & have parent/carer sign the appropriate section of planner. Show your Head of House or Mrs Gill-Andrews  before Tutor Group in the morning of the appointment for them to sign the planner. As a matter of courtesy, if you will be missing a class(es), let the class teacher(s) know in advance. Before leaving the College grounds YOU MUST report to the College Office to show the Office staff your signed note and sign out officially.  Parents/carers are to meet and collect you from the office.

If I feel sick at school?

If during class time: ask the class teacher to sign the appropriate section of the planner and report to either SJS or SMS Office. Office Staff will assess, assist & provide support. If during Recess or Lunch see Mrs Gill-Andrews or Head of House  and they will sign the planner and you can then report to Sick Bay. DO NOT contact home before speaking with Mrs Gill-Andrews, Head of House or Office staff first.

If I need a headache tablet at school?

Ensure the appropriate Medical Consent page of the planner has been signed by parent/carer giving permission. Take planner & report to either SJS or SMS Office staff who can administer Paracetamol if appropriate.

If I am late to class?

Knock on the door, wait quietly for the teacher to speak with you and use your manners as you explain the reason for lateness. Regular lateness or unexplained lateness is not acceptable. 

If I get lost?

Don’t panic! Ask any student or member of staff nearby for directions.  If still confused report to SJS or SMS Office for directions.

If my class is not in the room?

Check you are reading the correct day on your timetable. If still confused, report to either SJS or SMS Office for assistance.

If my teacher does not arrive?

After waiting 5 minutes from beginning of lesson, 1 or 2 students need to report to either SJS or SMS Office and inform them of the situation.

If I forgot my locker key?

Before school, at Recess or Lunch see the staff member on duty in Champagnat Undercroft who has a master key for Year 7 Lockers and can open your locker.

If I lose some of my uniform or school items eg bag?

Tell Tutor, revisit places where you might have left it, see Mrs Gill-Andrews, Head of House or either site office who can assist and/or place item in school notices.

If I wear the incorrect uniform?

Don’t panic.  See either your Tutor,Mrs Gill-Andrews or Head of House who will sign your planner for the day. Regular wearing of incorrect uniform is not acceptable.

If I have no lunch/no money?

Please don’t worry. See Mrs Gill-Andrews or SJS Canteen Supervisor for a loan and you will repay the loan the next day.

If I don’t know where to go for sport?

At the beginning of the day check Sports Notices, check with Tutor Teacher or speak with Mr Barlow in Sports Office (SJS).

Barlow, Matt

Mr Barlow

PH: (02) 66276662


If I miss the bus?

Report immediately to the teacher supervising your usual Bus Bay or a bus bay nearby. Before 4.00pm report to SJS Office.  You can also report to one of the Bus Bay Security Officers.

If there is trouble on the bus?

Report the matter to parents/carers.  Report the facts to Mrs Gill-Andrews, your tutor, or your Head of House

If I become aware of any teasing issues?

Tell the person to stop the particular behaviour that you don’t like (either toward yourself or someone else).  Tell the person that if the particular behaviour continues that you will report the matter to Mrs Gill-Andrews, Tutor or Head of House.  Be sure to tell parents/carers about how you are feeling.

If I couldn’t finish my homework?

Have parent/carer write a note explaining the reason in your planner (eg family commitments, didn’t understand and show your class teacher.

If I’m having trouble getting organised?

Speak with Tutor, Mrs Gill-Andrews or Head of House who can arrange to help you

If I leave my planner at home?

See your Tutor during Tutor Group; they will issue you with a signed planner slip and make a record of the event.  Regularly failing to bring planner is not acceptable.

If I have feelings of “not wanting to come to school”?

Talk to Mrs Gill-Andrews, your Tutor, Head of House, College Counsellors and let your friends and family know how you are feeling.  We can help you.

Remember to plan and pack the night before, ask for help and be prepared to help others.