College Council and Committees of Council

Trinity Catholic College Lismore Limited is a public Company limited by guarantee incorporated to govern Trinity Catholic College Lismore.  The governance of the College is established as: the Company Member; the members of the College Council (as the Board of Directors of the company); and the Principal of the College.  All these persons share, according to their own particular roles, in the ministry of governance of the College as an apostolic work of the Church within the Diocese of Lismore.

The Company Member appoints the Board of Directors, referred to as the “College Council” in order to manage the Company on their behalf.

Company Member:  The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Lismore      

College Council members:

Ms Karen Davis - Chair

Dr Jennifer Elvery - Deputy Chair

Br Darren Burge, FMS

Mrs Sally-Anne Jung

Mr David Hunter

Dr Jubilee Smith

Ms Catherine Thompson

Mr Jesse Smith - Principal, CEO & Company Secretary

Ms Carmel Warnock - College Council Secretary

Governance & Risk members:

Dr Jennifer Elvery - Chair

Mr John Loadsman

Mr Jesse Smith

Ms Catherine Thompson

Employment Relations members:

Ms Karen Davis - Chair

Mr Ray Fairweather

Mr Jesse Smith

Mr Sean Baldwin 

Mrs Tanya Harmon

Ms Shirlee Whalley

Finance members:

Mrs Sally-Anne Jung - Chair

Mr Brett Lane - Deputy Chair

Mr Phil Le Marinel

Mr Jesse Smith

Mrs Tanya Harmon

Ms Alison Unwin

Br John Hilet FMS

Ms Joanne McIntosh