Travis Ball

"Trinity feels like home at SCU"

Travis has called Trinity College home since Year 7, where he currently is undertaking Year 10. Travis said his transition from primary school to Trinity Catholic College
was easy as he felt so supported by his head teacher and tutor,  Miss Grace and Miss White.

To Travis’s surprise, maths is the most enjoyable subject at school as his teachers and classmates are very supportive and work together. His goal is to complete Year 12 and begin a structural engineering degree. Just like the transition from primary school to Year 7 was smooth for Travis, he is confident his transition to university will also be effortless because of support from the College.

From online learning to the floods and relocating the College to SCU, it has been a time of adjustment for Travis, and his friends. 

“I thought online learning during COVID would be difficult although Trinity was very supportive,” Travis said. 

“Of course, there have been a lot of changes since the relocation of the College, but for some reason, I feel more at home at SCU. At the old site, the year groups were separated, and at SCU we are all together, more connected; it’s like having siblings”, he continued.

Travis reflects on his time at the former Trinity Catholic College site, remembering the joyful experiences, but he feels both facilities are equally first-rate. The SCU music spaces are his favourite aspect of the new campus.


Jesse Alexander-Gordon

"Trinity has a family spirit, it’s not just education"

Jesse followed in the footsteps of his brother by attending Trinity Catholic College to learn in the best music and drama facilities. Little did he know he would find, not just valuable education, but stronger relationships with his teachers and colleagues; a school with family spirit. 


Jesse describes his first day at Trinity as daunting,  but due to a combination of approachable staff and students the transition was easy: he found a new group of friends on the first day.


“New students can expect a very nurturing environment that addresses their individual needs, and if you have concerns, your voice will be heard. You are in a group environment but with an individual focus. You feel seen,” Jesse said.


After the disruption to his learning from the flood, school felt different for Jesse but not worse. He and his friends expected to feel the loss of facilities, but being together made them feel stronger. The Southern Cross University campus was a location change but otherwise everything was the same.  


Jesse plans to go to university after Year 12 and study a Bachelor of Law and Art to navigate politics and social issues and create meaningful change. Music and drama are still Jesse’s interests at Trinity and he is looking forward to learning in the Whitebrook Theatre at the SCU campus, which is dedicated to Trinity’s music and drama students.


Abigail Smith

"Trinity’s science program is nurturing Australia’s next astrophysicist."

One of the 900 young people that Trinity Catholic College guides, is a year ten student, and budding astrophysicist Abigail Smith.  

Since Abigail joined the Trinity community in 2019, her focus has narrowed to science. With the support of her teachers, fellow students, and family, Abigail has her sights set on completing a Bachelor of Science in Sydney and transitioning into a career in astrophysics in Australia and globally.

“I was fascinated with space as a kid. I wanted to learn more about the stars and the moon. Now, I am exploring and trying to answer existential questions”, said Abigail.

Abigail Smith is no ordinary student. She has matured from an unsure and new year seven student into a purposeful and confident person, both academically and personally.

“My advice to new students is not to worry about others or dwell on the small things. Forge your own path and don’t let intrusive thoughts about what others may think, take hold”, Abigail says.

Despite the Lismore floods impacting the College, Abigail speaks highly of the alternative teaching methods implemented due to the lack of facilities at the time demonstrating their teachers’ commitment, and showing what could be done with what was on hand.

Abigail explains, “I’m enjoying the new Southern Cross University campus. It still feels like Trinity. It’s comfortable and easy to navigate and the facilities are amazing. You’ll find all of the students and teachers are friendly and so supportive”.